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8 Powerful Colors to Paint Your Home Office

Powerful Colors to Paint Your Home Office

Have you been thinking it may be time to give your office a little makeover? Your office is the one spot where getting a little creative with décor may really influence what you accomplish. And, depending on the type of work you do and what inspires you the most, color is one of the best places to start. So how about going bold and painting your office with something that will give you inspiration and energy throughout the day? Just not sure where to get started? Here are eight powerful colors to paint your office.

Powerful Colors to Paint Your Home Office
My Miami home office is serene yet feels empowering to me.
8 Powerful Colors to Paint Your Home Office

#1. RED – (Above) My office in our Miami home is bright red and it’s one of my favorite places to work! As you can see above, by going tonal with the fabrics and accents, it feels like a neutral theme despite the bold color choice.

#2. TROPICAL HUES – This combo of bold teal and orange make for a creatively inspired space.

#3. GREEN – A light and airy mint green can still make a big statement. The paint allows the levity of the office to pop.

#4. ORANGE – Playful and inspiring burnt orange is anything but shy and ordinary.

#5. BLUE – Deep and thoughtful navy blue makes this home office an oasis.

#6. PINK – Pale, but statement-making blush is perfect for your inner romantic.

#7. TEAL – A dark and inspiring teal feels quite sophisticated and unusual.

#8. GREY – Deep charcoal grey is professional and posh – and it makes the perfect backdrop for color pops, if the mood strikes.

Which is your favorite? Got a home office? I’d love to hear about your color style. Let me know in the comments!


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