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8 Bathroom Accessories to Wow Your Guests

A beautiful and comfortable bathroom for your guests’ must-have essential items. These essentials are also referred to as bathroom accessories. The accessories have important functions in the bathroom. They must be well organized to facilitate guests during their stay.

Before settling on what accessories to purchase, you must first define the material they were made of. The reason is that the materials used say a lot about the aesthetics and style of your bathroom.

Wood is a good example. Accessories made from wood bring warmth and comfort. Glass on the other hand shows elegance, cleanliness, and modernity. For the traditional kind of bathrooms, apothecary jars would be suitable. They’re stunning and bring an incredibly personal touch!

You may think that you don’t need guest bathroom ideas to make it more interesting. People say this because it’s the least-used room in the house. This is true anyway as guests use it only when they stay for the night. However, a time comes when that bathroom gets in the spotlight. Then it becomes troublesome because it’s probably not well-designed.

Bathroom Accessories That Will Impress Your Guests

Being a guest in someone’s home can be uncomfortable. It gets worse if you have to rummage through their items to find bathroom accessories. Thus, before guests arrive, be sure to have accessories that will make their stay comfortable. It also eliminates the need for them to go through your family’s belongings.

Not to worry if you’re in doubt about what these accessories are. This article will help you know where to get started. Let’s get to it.

  1. Clawfoot Bathtub

When it comes to the bathroom, nothing is better than a clawfoot bathtub. Originally, clawfoot tubs were made of copper or tin. Today, new clawfoot tubs come in different designs. There are fiberglass clawfoot tubs and acrylic clawfoot tubs. There are also the new clawfoot tubs with showers that may be costly but are worth every penny.

The vintage clawfoot bathtub, for instance, is a modern bathtub design that would impress your guests. So go on and invest in a tub with claw feet, and see your guests enjoy their stay.

Vintage clawfoot bathtubs come in different sizes. Thus, no matter the size of your bathroom, there’s likely one that will work for your space. Some of the advantages of these bathtubs are:

  • They’re typically larger and deeper than other tub styles.
  • They have varied finish and style options.
  • The space beneath the tub makes it easy to clean.
  1. Small Bathroom Baskets

A small bathroom basket can be used to display things like toothpaste, mouthwash, and lip balm. The basket can be set on the bathroom countertop. This makes it easy to access the items without them looking chaotic.

The baskets can also be used to display bath towels. Roll the towels instead of folding them for an extra fancy look.

If your guests are few and are only staying for a night, set everything they’ll need out by the shower beforehand.

Hair tools are some of the annoying things to travel with. The reason is that no one tool does it all. Set up a basket of hair tools you think your guests will get the most use out of.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker

We all like to sing in the shower right? In that case, what’s a shower without any singing?

Get a portable Bluetooth speaker for the bathroom. This is for those who prefer listening to some tunes while soaking in the bathtub. This bathroom accessory will also impress those who love having some background noise.

If you have WIFI, be sure to let your guests know the “name” of the speaker. It makes it easy for them to quickly connect it to their phone.

  1. Anti-Slip Bathroom Mats

An anti-slip bath mat is a very essential accessory for the guest bathroom. The bathroom floor tends to be slippery after a bath. That’s why it’s important to install an anti-slip bath mat to prevent mishaps. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to the bathroom.

The mat also helps to keep the floor dry if it has drain holes, which reduces the mess in the bathroom. The anti-slip bath mats are also good for children and the elderly.

  1. Towel Bars for Display and Functions

Towel bars are an important accessory in a bathroom. Towels are used for multiple functions daily. Whether it’s hand drying or showering, guests will need somewhere to hang it out to dry.

You may choose a towel rack, a bar, or hooks. However, that will depend on a few things. Consider the available space in your bathroom. If there’s enough to spare, a towel rack will be a great addition.

Towel bars and hooks will be suitable accessories if you are space restricted. It could also be that you prefer a minimalist design.

This accessory is a must-have and necessary for any bathroom design. Pick one that will fit your personal preference and work well to decorate your bathroom.

  1. Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders are a convenient way to access toilet paper. So there’s no doubt that they’re an important accessory in a bathroom.

In most cases, toilet paper holders are a one-time purchase. Thus, you should consider purchasing high-quality and beautifully designed one.

This accessory can be in-built, mounted, or you can choose to get a toilet paper dispenser. There’s also a floor-standing toilet paper holder. Whatever your choice is, don’t overlook this accessory when decorating your bathroom.

  1. Soap Dishes and Soap Dispensers

These are equally important accessories to help you keep your bar soaps. A soap dish can be placed on the countertop or mounted on the wall. Consider mounting the soap dish on the wall if you have a minimalist design.

They clear space for your vanity countertop while keeping the soap accessible. You can also choose to have soap dispensers instead of soap dishes.

Just like soap dishes, there are many types of soap dispensers. You can use different liquid soaps, with different colors, scents, and textures.

  1. Magnifying Mirrors for Visibility

Yes, you probably already have a wall mirror. But, magnifying mirrors are a great addition to your bathroom accessories. These mirrors are versatile and effective for many reasons. They offer a magnification factor that you’ll not get from a normal wall mirror. The most common magnification factors are 3x, 5x, and 7x.

This accessory is great for things like shaving, makeup, and other things that you may want to do in the bathroom. The mirror also incorporates LED lighting. This lighting lasts longer than incandescent lighting.

Magnifying mirrors are multifaceted such that they have multiple arms. This enables you to position them in a preferred way.

Magnifying mirrors are worth considering because they elegantly combine decor and functionality.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your bathroom design, you may not need all the accessories there are. Take, for instance, a magnifying mirror. Much as it’s helpful, it may not be for everyone. But, some accessories are a must-have. For instance, a toilet paper holder that offers comfort and accessibility.

When shopping for your bathroom accessories, have your bathroom’s design in mind. Also, get the most important accessories first if you’re on a budget. If you have enough money to spare, then you can get every accessory you need to beautify your bathroom.


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