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Happy Mother’s Day from me & mine!

It is such a special day, as today we honor mothers everywhere! Happy Mother’s Day from me and the amazing supermoms who I am blessed to see grow everyday. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are limitless! Our motives team interviewed Amber and I about what we learned from our mother’s when it comes to skincare. Here are our responses:

Loren, what did you learn from your own mother about skincare?

Me: “I learned a lot from my mom, because she just really understood. She realized how important our skin was and it’s the thing that she took care of the most. She actually worship the sun, which is quite opposite of myself, I’m not a sun worshiper and neither are you, Amber. Because she loved the sun so much, she really did take extra care of her skin with her skin care routine. She passed away at a very young age, at 42, but up until that time, I recall her being really up to the latest on special eye creams and moisturizers. You know back then, it was a big thing to use your toners and to balance the pH of your skin. And so I think that she taught me a lot and it’s stuck with me. Skincare has always been a very important part of my life and it’s something that I continuously do. I’m very proud of my age and proud who I am. And proud of the fact that my skin is as good as it is. I’m fortunate. I really am, because I do believe it starts at a young age.”

Amber, What have you learned from Loren about skincare?

Amber: “It’s definitely been the importance of protecting yourself from the sun. As. someone who has freckly skin and who has rosacea. I think that is the number one thing for me and my routine is just really having a strong SPF and protecting yourself.

Me: “That means she listens!”

Amber: “Something that I swear by with my own kids. I think that you know there really needs to be more of an emphasis on educating young women and teenage girls on the importance of doing it at a young age so you can prevent so much damage that you want to reverse later in life.” 

Me: “My mom really never talked about sunscreen with me, because well you know back in the day, you were putting baby oil all over the body and the face to get the perfect tan. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the sun, she was. I had to kind of discover sunscreen on my own and that is something I have been religious about. I wake up, it’s first thing. And people say, ‘well you’re not out getting sun,’ but I do it because you can get sun through the windows, when you’re in the car, and on the airplane. I think it’s so important it’s really first aid for the skin.”

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