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The Strength of Women + What We Can All Learn from Loren’s Brain Surgery


Guest Blogger:  Tamisha Ford |

When I found out Loren was going to have a special brain procedure done for an unknown brain aneurysm, I was shocked.  As a frequent of her websites, it felt personal in a way.

As women, we tend to connect on an emotional level with the women we admire or the ones who are walking in shoes we hope to someday try on, and maybe even wear (not in a literal sense of the word).  For anyone reading this blog, you are probably like me in that way.

So, after viewing all of JR’s home videos of the Road to Recovery in the past 2 weeks, viewing pictures of Loren resting sweetly, and the incredible support of the New York Post, Loren’s family, and Market America to name a few, I actually noticed something about Loren that I felt like we could all benefit from as women that I felt would be wrong to withhold.

Surprisingly, what I noticed isn’t what you would think.  It wasn’t her and JR’s incredible faith in God, their choice to exalt Him when it counted, or replacing their fear with faith (although all of that was astounding and so inspiring).

What I actually noticed was Loren’s ability & willingness to allow that camera to capture this experience – for us to go through it with her, in a sense.

Most women would have said “turn that thing off!”  Or “I don’t have any makeup on!”

I think it says a lot about what Loren truly values and what we should all value – our shared experiences, that life is more than a pretty face or a color palette, albeit as wonderful as those things are for us – that someone else needs the experience to help them get through their own.

The whole experience of having brain surgery, the days leading up to it, and the days following – those are all very personal experiences and times for her family.  The fact that she was so willing to share it with us, be transparent, and bring attention to it instead of hiding it or keeping it private are the qualities we need more of, not only in leadership, but in entrepreneurship in this age.

Whether you’re a woman who is an entrepreneur, a woman who works full time or part time, or just a woman who follows Loren’s blogs or entrepreneurial journey, do you agree that transparency needs to be a higher priority for today’s leaders and influencers?

Please share in the comments how this affected you and/or what you appreciate about Loren’s openness to share this experience with us and how you can use it in your own life, below.




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