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A Summer Syllabus for Recent Grads

We all remember back in middle school when our “best” friend would pull out our chair right before we were about to sit down.  Back then it was all in fun, of course, everyone would laugh, and you knew you would get her back the next time. Well, graduating from college certainly brings up those same emotions. Although they aren’t as funny and pulling yourself up from a sudden fall, unfortunately, isn’t quite as simple. Although I am eager to start my future, I realize how frightening it is to venture out into the real world without guidelines, grades, and most importantly a guiding syllabus. However, this is our time to design our destiny by planning our personal course outline.  In the end, how we grade ourselves is ultimately one of the most important life lessons we will we will ever undertake.

You CAN avoid falling on your ass by creating a summer syllabus which might possibly lead you to where you vision yourself this upcoming Fall Season.

Course Description
and Objectives:
This is a full-time course meant to build upon the fundamentals you have already learned in college When exploring this “new life” after college, you must always remain positive and optimistic. While going through this course of transition, you should always be open to new adventures…
Focus on your dreams and best qualities every day. Lastly, push yourself to go outside your comfort zone and do things that aren’t easy… ironically; those are the opportunities that might eventually lead to your future happiness and success.

Course Outcomes:
Masters in self-motivation and problem solving. Gain independence and confidence. Discover your niche and forte. Lastly and most importantly, achieve short and long term goals.

Required Text: The New York Times. Enjoy leisurely readings such as Readings on anything other than Facebook status and Twitter posts.

Grading Scale: This is a Pass or Fail course, simply put. If you don’t try you FAIL.


Important Dates and Deadlines: The following is a schedule of suggestions and guidelines for the next few months. Although changes in schedule may occur, it is crucial to make adjustments as to how to get back on track to achieve your future goals!

May: Take a part-time, freelance or temp job to earn some money while continue to save. While continuing to apply for full time positions, take this month to catch up on some well deserved sleep! In other words, go to bed before 2am and wake up before 12pm. Finally, spend time family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Honestly, that is the best reboot you will ever need… in the end…enjoy your life and be happy. That is what it is all about!

June: How is the job search going? If you haven’t gotten any responses, revamp your resume and cover letter Take this month to reorganize your living space. It is time to actually begin to unpack those suitcases from college and do some
summer cleaning and organizing! Donate or give away clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore. After cleaning the closet, start deleting documents and files on your computer that aren’t current. Cleaning up your life will certainly create space for new beginnings!

July: Take a mini trip. This is the month to be spontaneous! Take an inexpensive road trip somewhere you have never been before, try different kinds of food, and meet new people.

August: Challenge yourself this month. You love the way running makes you feel…get those positive endorphins going and feel unstoppable! Try to do a 5 mile run by the end of the summer, but don’t run away from other important goals. Stay on the right track by continuing to apply for new opportunities while keeping in touch with potential employers that you have met with.

September: Congratulations you are (hopefully) employed by now! Work hard, but don’t run yourself down. Continue blogging and writing in your free time. So it’s officially Fall, and by following this syllabus you are on your way to a lifetime filled with all your personal dreams come true!!!!

Dayna Vasilik



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