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Here’s What You Can Do On a First Date if You Don’t Drink

A classic first date usually includes dinner and drinks. Alcohol in small amounts can be great. It’s a solution to help calm nerves and relax from the first date jitters. But what if you or your date don’t drink? It’s time to think outside the bar, everyone! Meet up for a sober date. Fresh out of ideas? Not to worry! There are plenty of first date activities that you can engage in that don’t include liquor. It doesn’t take much to have a good time without a beer. Read on for more!

Dinner without drinks- Sure, dinner and drinks is a classic but scale it down. You don’t need to drink in order to have a good time. Eat a delicious meal and be merry!

Coffee date- Keep things simple by going to a cafe for coffee. Try out a new cafe you’ve never been to and let the coffee buzz be your guide.

Sober adventure?- Head out to a museum and discuss art or maybe go for a romantic walk at a local park. All you need are some new activities to have a good time!

Play some games- A little competition never hurt anyone. Bowling is fun and an easy way to get to know someone without chatting one-on-one. Challenge your partner to a trivia night. See how many answers you can get right!

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