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A Guide to Hosting The Best Brunch Party Yet

The next time you are hosting a gathering — whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or a house warming — make it a brunch party. Brunch is the perfect blend between sweet and savory, as well as cheerful and sociable. If you are going for an event that, in itself, serves as a conversation piece, then a brunch will do the trick.

Most folks get caught up in thinking that certain types of gatherings aren’t appropriate for specific celebrations, but the 21st century has been all about rewriting history. Respecting tradition still matters a lot, but adding a bit of flavor never hurts.

Before figuring out if a brunch fits the bill, look through some of the brunch locations in your area.

The origins of brunch

Millennials might think that they struck gold with brunch, but the part-breakfast part-lunch meal dates back to Victorian times.

Members of the British elite embraced brunch because it offered them a way to break free from the strict meal times observed from the Middle Ages. Sundays saw the upper society households indulge in decadent multi-course spreads. Their servants would prepare enough food to last the household as well as guests throughout the day, and fortunately, they would get the rest of the day off.

The finest alcohol and quality conversations accompanied the delicious meals. Guy Beringer, who penned “Brunch A Plea,” is credited for shaping the mealtime as we know it.

Beringer suggested that it should be held in the late morning hours into the early afternoon. He envisioned sweet and savory offerings as well as drinks that would lift the spirits served on these occasions. He also described it as a cheerful, inciting, and sociable event.

Americans weren’t quick to warm up to the idea, but booze-loving Brits went with it, giving birth to the modern-day brunch.

The unwritten rules of hosting a brunch

Brunch and buffets typically go hand in hand. Having the guests serve themselves takes away the hassle of serving and makes the gathering less formal compared to a dinner party. A brunch sets out to create a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying great conversations and mouth-watering food.

There are no definite rules about how a brunch should play out, but certain etiquette rules help guide the process of planning one of these gatherings.

Send out invitesearly enough and request RSVPs. An email or text would do for the invitations, and if you don’t get everyone’s response on time, placing a call to confirm their attendance is quite in order.

Weekends work best for a brunch, but you can host one any day, provided it works for everyone’s schedule. Generally, such an event kicks off at around 10 a.m., but you can start earlier. As for the closing time, it’s entirely at the host’s discretion.

Keep things relaxed but include subtle hints of festiveness. That means that you don’t have to go for ham with the decorationsunless the specific reason for the celebration calls for it.

Set up the night before to make sure that everything is ready in time for your guests. If you opt to go with a hired brunch location, follow up to make sure that everything goes as planned.

What should you serve at a brunch party?

There’s no better way to while a weekend away than by starting it out with a cup of joe served with irresistible breakfast treats. A hearty dish should follow with cocktails or mocktails to crown the day. So, what does a great brunch menu look like?

Bring a dish along

Have guests bring a dish for the occasion. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A loaf of bread or a fruit platter would do. You can skip this option if you are having a catered brunch.

Going back to the buffet option, a brunch should offer a variety of choices. Every guest should feel like they had plenty to eat despite having allergy issues or strict dietary requirements.

Make it egg-tastic

Egg dishes are a brunch staple. Frittatas and quiches are great options because you can spice things up with spicy baked eggs or bacon and egg muffins.

Offer something sweet

Have a sweet carb-based dish. Pancakes and waffles are equally breakfast and brunch favorites. Team them up with ice cream, fruit, or maple syrup for a decadent feel. You can shake it up by offering muffins in assorted flavors.

Something savory

Stir things up by including some greens. A salad should do, but you can go all out and offer a kale or spinach-based dish.

A fruity dish should be part of the offerings. Include them in the form of a fruit salad, smoothie, or freshly-made juices.

Presentation adds some charm to the occasion

Present the food in multi-tiered platters. Not only is it visually appealing, but the vertical space gives you more room for more food.

Have a coffee station set up decked out with all the supplies your guests need to make themselves a cup to their liking. Cocktails and mocktails infuse a party-like feel to a brunch.

Naturally, all this won’t have to be a problem if you prefer catered brunch options. You’ll still need to offer your input to make sure that the day turns out as you envision.

Host the best brunch party: final thoughts

The best thing about hosting a brunch party is the fact that it offers versatility and room to make adjustments. You can adjust the choices you make accordingly, depending on the specific gathering at hand. Regardless of the reason for the celebration, you can’t go wrong with a brunch.


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