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Happy weekend, readers! How is your new year going? Are you enjoying your 2017? I know I am! I spent some time with my loved ones and now we’re revving up for MAWC! I can’t wait for you guys to see what we’ve got planned for Miami! In the meantime, read my weekend links to check out what we’ve got from Loren’s World and My Fashion Cents!  Check it out below!

woman on computer, fun entertainment, online content, lorens world, my fashion cents

2016 was a year full of great trends! Find out which trends are sticking around into 2017!

Ever buy a lipstick that doesn’t really work with your skin tone? Did you know grey lipstick could change the tone of your lipstick shades? Learn more here.

Military jackets are going to be a major trend this year. Are you ready to rock one of your own. Check out some of the cutest and most stylish military looks from around the web.

Valentine’s Day is already around the corner, ladies and gentleman. Are you ready to spoil your significant other.

Eight years flew by so quickly! We’ll have to say goodbye to the Obama’s soon. In the meantime, check out some of Michelle Obama’s best looks.

Art can come in many forms. This woman makes some gorgeous embroidered pieces.

Veronica Canales of Fiercely Thriftin’ shared to top thrifting trips for those of you interested in shopping secondhand.

The Hadid sisters lend their faces (and bodies) to some of the most gorgeous fashion advertisements out there right now.



MAIC2022: Official Agenda

We’ve poured so much effort and energy into this year’s agenda at #MAIC2022 to ensure it’s the most impactful and empowering event we’ve ever hosted.

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