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Tonight’s SAG Awards Will Feature All Female Presenters

The Time’s Up campaign continues to make its way through Hollywood. This time at tonight’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. The SAG Awards are unique from other awards shows because the nominees and winners are chosen by peers. This year’s award show will feature all-female presenters with Kristen Bell as the show’s first-ever host— or, should I say hostess? Usually, the SAG Awards would see a man and a woman present onstage for each award, but things are changing this year. It’s all about woman power!

Tonight’s SAG Awards Will Feature All Female Presenters

“Beginning with the Women’s March in January, it’s been the year of the woman. This is a unifying salute to women who have been very brave and speaking up,” SAG Awards executive producer Kathy Connell told The Hollywood Reporter. “How many times has a woman walked into a room of predominantly men? We thought, maybe for one night, it’ll be more than fifty-fifty [onstage]. We don’t want to slight the men who have given great performances this year—knowing our membership, I’m sure our men will embrace the opportunity to honor women. It’s still an awards show and a celebration; we’re not here to preach to anybody. To me, just having some of these fabulous women onstage sends its own message.”

Tune into the SAG Awards tonight on TBS and TNT!


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