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Response to Dreams and Aspirations to M.H

Hi M.H

Usually I receive letters asking me for inspiration. Yet, your letter actually inspired me! You sound like a beautiful woman who has accomplished much and has touched many lives. Thank you for contributing to our world.

I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with finding the write job. I understand what it’s like to live with very little. In your message you said, “you either had to step up and become self-employed or began to utilize your writing skills, teach and public speak.” Well, I think you wrote that for a reason. It’s a feeling that is strong enough (a gut feeling)
that it is pushing you towards a path. Do not ignore that.

It easy to feel victim to the obstacles life brings us—especially when things change so suddenly in our lives. But do not let it defeat you. You are in control; I promise. Life is about making choices. When we make choices we are actually steering our life in our chosen direction.

In your case, it seems like you just have to make the choice to take matters into your own hands. If financial success is what you crave, know that you absolutely deserve it and it will come your way, soon. But you know how they say a man comes into your life as soon as you stop looking? Well, it’s similar to what you’re feeling right now. So instead of focusing the problem, focus on the steps that will take you to your goal. Focus on each step one at a time. Do not get too ahead of yourself because you might end up discouraged.

So what are your steps? Maybe tutoring on the side? Or maybe you want to seek opportunities where you can use your writing skills? Once you start these efforts, you’ll be so busy that you won’t have time to think about the problem! And you’ll be closer to your goal in no time. I love the saying, “every journey begins with one step.” Go for it!




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