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Kim and Kourtney Take New York Season 2 Promo Ads Sneak Peek

Kim and Kourtney glam up for season 2 of “Kim and Kourtney Take New York” promo ads.  The fashionable sisters screamed high-fashion and glamour.  Kim wearing a white wrap dress, high pony tail, covered in jewels while sister Kourtney wore a one piece red halter jumper and high pony tail oozing 70’s Hollywood glam!  Their best accessory, Kim’s husband Kris Humphries wearing a tuxedo holding Kim’s hand as he walks Kim down the red carpet.  By the looks of these promo ad sneak peek season 2Kim and Kourtney Take on New York” will be a glamorous one!  It’s like sex and the city fashion with a Kardashian twist.




MAIC2022: Official Agenda

We’ve poured so much effort and energy into this year’s agenda at #MAIC2022 to ensure it’s the most impactful and empowering event we’ve ever hosted.

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