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Jodi Arias Interview Ban Lifted: Watch the Jailhouse Interview Video

In yet another complex twist in the Jodi Arias case, the judge decided to lift the interview ban, allowing her to meet with various media outlets for several hours last night. The media blitz took place after she plead for her life in front of a jury yesterday, claiming she could still contribute to society in jail – you can watch her full statement here.

Of her guilty verdict, she said “I was shocked by the first verdict. Shell shocked. I didn’t expect to walk away but I did not think it would be first degree.” To listen to the rest of her ABC15 interview, watch the video below.

Jodi Arias Interview Ban Lifted: Watch the Jailhouse Interview Video

Jodi Arias’ interview demands were hair and makeup, no handcuffs and no visible jumpsuit on camera.



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