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Emma Stone Vogue July 2012 Cover is Stunning!

Emma Stone Vogue July 2012 Cover is Stunning!

Emma Stone Vogue July 2012 cover is stunning! It may be Emma Stone’s first Vogue cover but she completely nails it! The actress captivates with a subtle sexiness in a Nina Ricci sweater and matching negligee. Emma Stone is carving out a well deserved spot in Hollywood, establishing herself as one of the brightest young stars to grace the big screen.

She has shown the depth of her versatility with her roles in Crazy Stupid Love, The Help and soon to be released, The Amazing Superman. In an industry that easily distorts personalities, Emma Stone is one who remains true to herself. Emma reveals in her Vogue July 2012 cover interview that she wants to maintain her identity even when it comes to her choice of fashion,

“I never really wanted to dress like anyone – well, that’s not true. I probably wanted to dress like Diane Keaton, but that’s just because I love her so much. She’s really herself, and that’s what I like.” I’m sure this won’t be the last time Emma Stone graces the cover of Vogue. What do you think of the very first Emma Stone Vogue July 2012 cover? The July issue of Vogue is on stands now!

Emma Stone beauty trend oh so peachy!



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