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8 Covid-Safe Activities For Kids This Summer

Covid may have put a damper on last summer, but this year we are more prepared and ready to plan some safe activities for kids. No one wants another summer of sitting indoors in lockdown, so thinking outside the box will make this summer much better than last. We’ve rounded up some family-friendly activities inside and outside that will make everyday feel like summer camp for your little one!

  1. Create a Backyard Water Park

Don’t we all have fond memories of running through the sprinklers in our yards as children? 2021 is as good a time as ever to bring this time-honored summer tradition back for your kids. Fill up a kiddie pool, set up the Slip ‘N Slide, turn on the sprinklers and fill up some water balloons for a fun-filled day. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen! 

  1. Plant a Garden Together

Encourage a green thumb in your kids this summer by planting a vegetable garden together. Gardening is a hands-on learning activity that teaches kids to take responsibility as they watch their plants grow. It also helps them understand where food comes from, inciting an appreciation for homegrown foods from an early age. Have your children participate in every step, from choosing the types of veggies to pushing the wheelbarrow full of soil. To help them keep track of when to water their veggies, make a calendar where they can put stickers for every day they water. 

  1. Celebrate International Picnic Day

June 18th is International Picnic Day and this year, we suggest you and your kids take full advantage! You can pack all your favorite foods and have a traditional picnic on a blanket in the park, or throw an international themed picnic. You’re probably not traveling overseas anytime soon, so why not organize a Paris or Mexico-themed picnic? For the former, you can pack baguettes and cheese, make croque monsieur ham sandwiches and sip on sparkling grape juice. For the latter, bring out the tacos and tortilla chips!

  1. Get Crafty with Tie-Dye 

Kids love arts and crafts, so keep them busy one weekend with a tie-dye project. Have them tie-dye t-shirts, sweats, and socks, or create cool psychedelic masks that will be much more stylish than store-bought ones. Tie-dying isn’t hard and doesn’t involve a huge amount of preparation. All you have to do is set up the dyes, tie rubber bands strategically, and dip your garment in the dyes. When you take off the rubber bands, your beautiful art project is revealed!

  1. Virtual Camp

While many camps are still closed this summer, there are virtual camp options that will teach your child a new skill and keep them occupied while you work remotely. From theatre camp to Youtube Learning, there are a lot of online education programs, many of which are free!

  1. Go for a Hike

You and your kids probably feel cooped up after the year we’ve had — don’t we all? Make the most of the nice weather this summer by hitting the trails whenever possible. A hike or bike adventure will let you enjoy some fresh air, get exercise, and let your kids get some of their energy out so that they will be more relaxed later in the day.

  1. Movie Marathon

Snuggle up on a Saturday night with your kids and a few of their favorite movies. While movie theaters are closed, you can still create a theater experience with popcorn, candy, and surround sound. They can even dress up as their favorite characters if they want.

  1. Plan a Disney Themed Week

If your kids are bummed that the family trip to Disneyworld was canceled, bring the magic of Disney to them! Decorate the house with Disney balloons and banners to create a joyful experience for your kid. Every day of the week, plan Disney-themed meals like Mickey-Mouse pancakes and watch Disney movies afterwards. You can also do Disney crafts and dress up your pets like Disney characters!


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