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Yours by Loren For HSN Featured in Accidental Sexiness

I'm so excited!  Here's another article write-up on Yours by Loren for HSN on  Here's a snippet from the article.

If you have been an admirer of Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian’s exquisite taste in jewelry, you owe it all to one woman: Loren Ridinger.  These are only a few superstars who are hardcore devotees of her high-end collection, “Loren Jewels.”  The queen of Market America also counts Nicole Richie, Serena Williams, La La Vazquez, and Alicia Keys as fans.

And now, with the creation of “Yours By Loren” for HSN, many more us may emulate our favorite stars and their trademark sparkle without breaking the bank!

“Yours by Loren is for the woman who cherishes quality and excellence in everything and won’t settle for less than the best,” Loren in a statement.

The collection, which ranges in price from $99 – $1500, features semi-precious stones and hand crafted materials.  So don’t think you will lose any kind of quality with any of these beautiful pieces.

Eva Longoria rocked the Rose Vermeil Earrings with rose quartz 30×14 oval/ smoky quartz accents and champagne diamonds during a recent red carpet event! Fabulosa!