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You're Probably Cleaning Your Space All Wrong

You're Probably Cleaning Your Space All Wrong, clean, cleaning, snap, dwell time, products, surfaces

So it's spring cleaning, baby! Time to tidy up your space and lean all those areas that need a good wipe down. You're getting everything set up and ready to use and start cleaning. You notice something. Your products are great (of course because you're using Snap® or DNA Miracles), but they aren't working to their best potential. What's the deal? You're probably not using the product correctly. So, what's a person to do.

You're Probably Cleaning Your Space All Wrong

Don't feel embarrassed if you haven't been using your cleaning products correctly! I just learned this very useful trick from YouTube Channel "Clean my Space" by Melissa Maker. She explains that when using products, there's something called "Dwell Time." Dwell time is the time you wait after you've sprayed your product before you wipe it down. So, products need a few minutes to work their magic on your surfaces—especially disinfectant products because if not, what are they disinfecting? So, next time you clean your space, make sure to add some dwell time to truly make your surfaces sparkling.

Learn more about dwell time below!

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