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You CAN Even: Get Motivated Now

You feel listless and lazy. You don’t really want to do anything and your computer is just at arms reach, yet you feel as though you have so much to do. You want to make a delicious dinner you promised yourself you would make, you’re workout is an absolute necessity and—hello, what ever happened to that novel you were going to write? Ah, yes. You’re in need of a little motivation. How do you get it done when you’re not ready to? It’s all about getting into the groove. Read on to find out how you can even! Make it happen, ladies.


What Do You Dread The Most?- Do the thing you dread the most first. For me, it’s my workout. I like to get that over with as soon as I wake up or as soon as I get home after a long day of work. What are you least looking forward to doing? Get it out of the way so you can treat yourself to the rest.

Do What You Love- Tap into your feelings and find out what lights that fire under your butt. What inspires you? Could it be that novel? Try to find a way to make it happen and relate that to your other obligations to get you motivated in other ways. If you’re sick of your day job, try to tie it into getting that novel done. You need your day job because you need to support yourself while you write, right?

Schedule Your Day- Block out time for those tasks you find the most difficult to get done. When it gets to a point where you feel like you don’t have anything to do is when you get lazy. Try to schedule your day and watch your to-do list get done.