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You Are So Strong: All the Reasons Why

You Are So Strong: All the Reasons Why, strength, strong, so strong, strong women

As women we tend to be incredibly hard on ourselves. What's the deal, ladies? Why do we consider ourselves weak when we're incredibly strong? We make entire generations of people and yet we still berate and criticize ourselves. Enough is enough. I'm here to stand by you and remind you that you are a strong, beautiful, confident woman. No matter where you are in life and no matter what you've been through. You are so strong. Read on for all the reasons why.
  • You've survived more than you know
  • You overcame failures
  • You may cry from time to time, but even tears are a sign of strength
  • You're vulnerable even though there have been times in the past where you vulnerability has been used against you
  • You've risen above adversity
  • You're not afraid, to be honest with yourself and others
  • You can look inward to find faults within yourself
  • You've shared your talents with people
  • You've learned from past mistakes and are better for it
  • You're growing
  • People have hurt you yet you keep going
  • You've forgiven others
  • You've admitted when you're wrong

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