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Would You Try Online Dating?

June 10th, 2011

Have you thought about online dating? In between our favorite television shows, there are countless commercials promoting how singles found their soul mates through dating sites. Is it possible for cyber love to be equally as great in the real world? Would roman be just as whimsical and creative as it would be in person? Above all, would you have the boldness, trust factor and truthful response to take full advantage of what online dating has to offer?

Deadlines. The gym. Meetings. Reports. Presentations. Family. Who has time to go out on a date these days anymore? Your friends have tried to set you up on a blind but just saw it as a hassle and interruption to your schedule. You have tried bars, great restaurants, even museums and parks but nothing concrete has presented itself and you just don’t want to waste anymore of your time.

If you are feeling spunky and this sounds like great idea, go for it! Let me know on twitter @lorenridinger if the cyber love bug has bitten you.



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