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Women, Gain Financial Health by Becoming an Unfranchise Owner

I'm all about financial health for women! The pay gap is a serious issue and here at Market America| SHOP.COM we're doing everything we can to bring women closer to their financial goals! Becoming an unfranchise owner and taking control of your own business will help you gain financial health. If you've been to any of our conferences or conventions, then you know that the majority of our top earners are women. Stick to the business and watch your wealth grow! Below are some female UFOs who will inspire you to get started.

Women, Gain Financial Health by Becoming an Unfranchise Owner

In college, Trina had to give up her dreams of being a career basketball player when she suffered a career-ending injury. When a friend introduced her to OPC-3 that helped her, she realized new dreams were ahead.

Vivien believes strongly in the “One team, One Dream” mindset. Not only believing in the motto but also living it has allowed her to find and follow her passions of helping people.

As a licensed health professional, Holly was attracted to Market America when a fellow health professional showed her how he provided his clients with MA brand products. Once she started with Market America the door opened to more time, professional growth and financial freedom while she is also able to assist other health professionals get started.