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Why Men Fall In Love: Tell Him This!

Why Men Fall In Love: Tell Him This!, fall in love, men, dating, dating men,

Dating men is not easy for you single ladies! Men and women have two completely different ways of thinking making the dating world feel like serious work. The thing is, you don't have to work hard to make a man fall in love with you. Remember to be yourself and have confidence. At the same time, you have to play the game a little. Read on to learn what to say to make him fall for you!

Why Men Fall In Love: Tell Him This!

Make him feed needed- There's a difference between reminding a man why he's important to you and your life and making him feel overwhelmed by your obsession. Send him a text that makes him feel needed by asking for something. I know it's hard to ask for things, but it will give him purpose. Sometimes it's nice to lean on someone else!

Scarcity- Girls, let him miss you. Wait a while before answering his texts and consider taking an Instagram sabbatical. Are your stories really that important? Make him wonder what you're up to.

Compliment- There's no doubt that you're dating a great guy. Be sure to compliment him when he deserves it. Think about how great it is when he comes to you with an amazing thought out compliment. Do the same for him!

Let him know when you're thinking of him- Men love to feel needed and wanted as much as we do. When you're busy or haven't seen him in a while, let him know that you're thinking of him. Send a quick text. It doesn't take much.

Send him texts- Now that you and your significant other are well into a relationship send him texts throughout the day. At the beginning of the relationship, you waited for him, but now things are changing. The whole relationship can't be one-sided, now can it?