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Why FOMO Sucks: Missing Out On the Now

Why FOMO Sucks: Missing Out On the Now, foam, fear of missing out, foam sucks, be here now, be here

Have you ever experienced FOMO or Fear of Missing Out? In today's culture, it's everywhere. "The FOMO is real." "I want to stay in but FOMO!" Listen, it's great to have a busy social life. In fact, I think it's important to go out and have fun. But, you also need time for yourself and time for rest. Plus, constantly chasing the next big event can be stressful. How to cope when the FOMO is all too real? Read on for more!

The Present is a Gift- Instead of worrying about the next big thing, focus on the present moment. If you struggle to be mindful, here's a trick: name ten things you're grateful for in the present moment. Maybe you're just at home after work. Name all the things you're grateful for in your home right at that second. Doing this will help you appreciate the present moment so much more!

Acceptance- You have to accept that things are happening and are going to happen without you. Ignore the fear that comes with FOMO and you'll feel better about yourself and your life.

Unfollow People Who Make You Feel Bad- If you're following too many accounts that make you feel FOMO, or make you feel poorly about the life you're leading, delete them. Just because you aren't in Maui at a five-star hotel doesn't mean you're not living a great life. Besides, you don't even know how 80% of those influencers truly feel about their lives. Don't get jealous. Work on yourself instead.

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