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Why Decision-Making Should Be Done in the AM


If you've heard me speak on stage, you'll already know I'm an avid believer in getting important tasks completed in the morning. There's a scientific reason why we should do our business and life decision-making in the morning, too.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are hit with plenty of questions daily that require quick answers. Strong decision-making skills are essential to keep the business day moving. By midday, if you feel your decision-making superpowers start to plateau, you're not alone. Read on to discover why.

Studies suggest that regardless of whether we're early risers or night owls, we all make slower and more rational decisions in the morning. Sometimes the universe can't wait. We don't always have the luxury of time to think things over before producing important decisions. I believe this is why it's critical to work on strengthening our decision-making skills. If someone on my team needs me to make an important judgment, I prefer to take my time when opportunity allows. Overnight thought processes allow me to think over important resolutions and look at it again the next morning with fresh eyes.

Many years of experience in leading Market America to greatness has blessed me with strong decision-making skills. However whenever in any doubt, I still prefer space to think things through overnight.

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