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Ways to Protect Passwords Online

Are you using the various ways to protect passwords online? With the increasing threat of hackers and identity theft, it is so important that we find ways to protect passwords online. Over 6 million LinkedIn passwords hacked just this week! So much business is conducted over the internet from online shopping to monitoring bank accounts that we must remain proactive in securing our online privacy. Even if you are just a social media maven, you don't want anyone to tap in your account, impersonating you with messages! It's unfortunate, but there are people even in cyberspace who steal information. The key to having good safety over your accounts is through your passwords. Many people use the obvious - names, birth dates, zip codes numbers - but they are just keys to let good hackers figure out your login. Here are five ways to protect passwords online:


Ways to protect passwords online:

Utilize your browser to help store passwords

Invest in offline password protection such as Lastpass and Keepass

Do not give out your passwords

Do not write your passwords on a site that is unprotected

Do not use the same password for every login