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Warning Signs You're Becoming an Internet Troll

internet troll

Where there is happiness, there will always be bitterness. While some post happy snapshots of their lives, others choose to spread a little venom. Here are a few warning signs you're becoming an internet troll.

Warning Signs You're Becoming an Internet Troll

internet troll

What is an internet troll? The exact definition describes someone who enjoys instigating arguments or upsetting people by posting words to trigger emotional responses for their own amusement. The urban dictionary goes one step further, defining internet trolls as people who do such a great job at provoking you, they manage to engage you in hours of pointless back and forth.

Make sure you disengage from all of these behaviors to be sure you don't accidentally become an internet troll.

#1 You feel the need to comment negatively on everything you see online.

There really is no need to look for the negative in the things people choose to share online. For example, if someone just got engaged, why respond with comments smeared with venom and sarcasm like 'good luck LOL,' or posting links to divorce rates and how marriage can negatively impact relationships. Stop actively looking for things to be cynical about - guess what? No one cares. They're too busy positively living their best lives.

#2 You hide behind your meanness by using LOL.

Writing mean comments signed off with LOL doesn't fool anyone. You are intentionally being mean and attempting to hide it weakly by adding LOL.

#3 You react without understanding.

Such is your thirst for drama, you react to peoples' posts or comments without taking the time to read and understand what they are saying first. P.S. aren't there more fun things you could be doing with your time?

#4 You regularly use any of the below phrases in your online comments.

Troll comments demonstrate a special type of arrogance. The only thing posting these types of comments achieves is to irritate others with your negativity, and remind them why they don't want to see more of you on their social media feeds.

''This makes me SOOO mad...''
''Why can't people just understand that...''
''This is stupid''
''Some people are...''
''I'm sorry, but...''
'No offense, but...''

It may be time for a social media detox for you if you resonate with two or more of the above warning signs. Why not spend the hours of back and forth you waste online doing things you enjoy? You may be surprised by how much happier you feel.