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Wake Up Call: You're Addicted to Your Phone

Wake Up Call: You're Addicted to Your Phone, phone, phone addiction, phones, loren, loren ridinger

Are you reading this off of a phone right now? Yikes! You may be addicted to your phone. I get it! I love staying on top of social media, too! Plus it's great for business. With personal branding and social media marketing, we're all on our phones right now—but could you be taking it too far? If your phone never leaves your side and it's the first thing you check in the morning, yup, a phone addiction may be the problem. Read on to find out if you have a phone addiction.

Wake Up Call: You're Addicted to Your Phone

Are You Phubbing? If you're phone-snubbing your friends at dinner—checking your phone every two seconds and not listening to s single thing going on, you may be phubbing. Yup, there's a word for it now.

Mindlessly Reaching for Your Phone? Social media is designed to be addicting, so if you see yourself refreshing your apps every two seconds, it might be because the design worked. There's a level of instant gratification every time you post a pic, and that works for a lot of us out there.

Feeling Distracted? Studies show that our phones are actually altering our brains. If this is you, you're not alone. Because we read a lot of our media online, we find ourselves multitasking between a million tabs and links. Our phones and the internet are giving us less of a focused mind.

If you're scared, that's normal. I'm a little scared, too. Tech innovators know these things are addictive, which is why they don't let their kids use them. Steve Jobs didn't even let his kids use the iPad. The good news is there are ways to reverse our brains so we become a little less addicted. Stay tuned later this week for another post teaching you how to retrain your brain.