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Unexpected Uses For Vinegar

You’ve probably heard musings out there about all the great and unexpected uses for both white and apple cider vinegar, especially if you spend any time on Pinterest. Vinegar has been used for ages for a whole host of things including cleaning and laundry to nutritional and healing purposes. Here’s a look at the magical vinegar and many of its unexpected uses.

White Vinegar

Cleaning No Wax Floors – Mix a bit of vinegar with warm water and go!

Cleaning Windows- For perfectly streakless windows, just use equal parts vinegar and water.

Getting rid of marks on wood – Mix vinegar and olive oil – polish clean.

Clean the grime out of your coffee maker – Use white distilled vinegar. Just fill the reservoir with vinegar and run it through a brew cycle. Then, run another brew cycle with just water.

Get rid of ants – Just wash the area with white vinegar and the ants will be deterred.

Clean stainless steel appliances – Just use a soft cloth dipped in vinegar to polish stainless steel.

Kill weeds – Spray vinegar directly on weeds.

Say goodbye to a smelly dog – Just mix a cup of vinegar with a couple of gallons of water. Saturate your pup with the solution and dry him or her off – no rinsing! No more smelly puppy!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Relieve  sunburn – Use apple cider vinegar to soothe the pain of a sunburn by gently rubbing the area with the vinegar.

Relieve morning sickness – Mix a bit of apple cider vinegar, water and honey and drink! This does wonders for an uneasy stomach.

Whiten teeth – Rub apple cider vinegar directly on your teeth for just a minute and then rinse your mouth with water. This is a great natural whitener!

Soothe poison ivy – Just spread apple cider vinegar directly on the affected area. It will help detox the poison and reduce discomfort.

Get rid of acne – Using apple cider vinegar directly on the skin is a great way to reduce acne breakouts. Apply directly to the area – like you would a toner.

Natural deodorant – Dab a little ACV on your underarms to neutralize bacteria and odors.

Vinegar really is a wonder solution – with so many awesome and unexpected uses! Have you tried using vinegar in ways you wouldn’t normally expect?