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Uh, Oh! Have You Been Sleep Texting?


Sleep walking has definitely been a problem for many people over the years, but have you ever sleep texted? It seems lately, because so many people sleep with their cell phones right by their beds (or even under their pillow!), sleep texting has become a pretty common phenomenon. So common, that a group of researchers recently studied sleep texting and here’s what they discovered.

What were the results? Out of 300 participants, 25 to 35 percent had text conversations in their sleep. Some of the conversations were complete gibberish, but some were understandable.


Why do people sleep text? According to the researchers, people have become so accustomed to the sounds associated with texts (beeps, buzz’s and whirs), that when these sounds happen during sleep the brain switches to autopilot, resulting in the need to respond immediately.

When do people sleep text? Typically, sleep texting happens during the first few hours of sleep or during a light sleep, like a nap.

What type of messages are sleep texted? Similar to sleep walking, the texts are often not things people would say or do when they’re awake. According to U.S. News and World Report, “most often, these texts are innocent in nature; those sent by young men, for example, often revolve around food: I'm starving. Let's get a pizza! Let's go work out."

Have you ever woken up to texts you don’t remember sending?