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Top Quotes from Loren’s ‘You’re Not That Busy’ Speech

August 12th, 2017

I have news for you, people! You’re not too busy to achieve your dreams. Sure, life is hard and many of you out there are struggling, but there’s always time. Do you think JR and I weren’t suffering when we started this company? You’re wrong. He helped me believe in my dreams and once I started to believe, I realized nothing was impossible for me. Jr and I gave our time and energy into this company. Every free second we had, we used. We decided to be fearless, and it paid off. Be fearless! If you need my help, check out some of the quotes from my”You’re Not That Busy Speech.” I gave it to an amazing crowd at MAIC2017! I feel so blessed! Read on to learn more.

Top Quotes from Loren’s ‘You’re Not That Busy’ Speech

Be your own kind of beautiful and the world will reciprocate with open arms. I love u all. #maic2017 #daythree #ma25years

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“I want to talk to you today about reinventing yourself and how important it is to reinvent yourself.”

“You can’t succeed without struggle.”

“If you believe you can achieve, nothing can stop you.”

“You can have all the excuses in the world but it doesn’t change anything because all you’re doing is creating more dilemma.”

“Every single second you have is second chance.”

“Listen, don’t let people create your identity. That belongs to you, but if you don’t create it, people will all of a sudden leave you.”

“Don’t let your circumstances define who you are.”

“When the voice inside your head tells you to do something, you have to tell it differently.”

“Past failures don’t predict your future.”

“We push our kids to think whatever they want to be or achieve, they can do—not through talk, through action”

“Everything great happens at the end of our comfort zone. In order to use our heads we have to go out of our minds.”

“Stop looking outside yourself for the one person who is going to change your life. The only person who can change your life is the person you look at every day. The only person who can make a difference is you.”

“You have all the makings of being great. You are no different from JR and I.”

“I know you’re struggling! I know it’s painful, but it makes for a good story when you succeed.”

“Stop complaining about how miserable your life is if you’re not willing to go through the process.”

“It’s the process that takes us to success.”

“Fear means two things: forget everything and run or face everything and rise.”

“Most people fail in life because they aim too low and they hit.”

“We all have been given the same ability by God.”

“Stop waking up like an accident, Stop lying to yourself. You have got to work for passion! Working for passion outweighs a paycheck.”

“There’s nothing more powerful than a voice determined to rise. I will not be defined by my circumstances. Define me by my intentions.”

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