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The Real Reason Why They Ghosted


It's no secret that getting ghosted sucks. Many of my single friends are dating and meeting different people. They're having fun, going out with great people, and then, out of nowhere, that special someone ceases all communication—sometimes even deleting them from their Instagram! Ouch! What's the deal? Buzzfeed's Fernando Padron sought to uncover more about ghosting and our dating behavior with a super funny and informative video. Check it out below.

The Real Reason Why They Ghosted

Dating apps made ghosting popular back in 2013 and it's been on the rise ever since. It's about cutting off communication with someone without rhyme or reason. You may think that a person that ghosts is a total jerk but there may be a reason why they ghosted to begin with! Padron spoke to celebrity matchmaker and dating expert, Jasmine Diaz. According to Jasmine there are two different people that ghost: those that don't care—plain and simple—and those that have anxiety about dating.

"There's those people who fall in the category of apprehensive, nervous daters, and I find that more times than not you'll come across the people who are really excited about dating but anxious."- Jasmine Diaz.

Padron cited further research from psychologist Susan Kodd who says that ghosters often think that ghosting is kinder than telling someone they aren't interested.

Ghosting feels painful at first, but the truth is, you're going to eventually find someone who likes you as you are! In the meantime, know that there's nothing wrong with you! The person who ghosted you isn't the right person for you! You're probably lucky they ghosted you because someone better will come along. Go on with yourself. You're sure to find the right person. It just takes time. I wish you all the love you want!

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