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The Power of Confidence

Ask any intelligent person
what makes someone attractive and they’ll tell you, confidence. Whether it is
in business or in romantic relationships, being completely sure of yourself
will undeniably make you more desirable. People are looking for
employees/partners who are leaders capable of making clear decisions and then
sticking to those decisions. Have you ever had a boss that would say one thing
one day and then say the complete opposite the next day? If so, you probably
didn’t respect him or her and only grew resentful.

Everyone is looking for
security. People want to purchase items from others that make them feel safe.
If you’re selling a product and not really sure about its power, you’re going
to make people feel uneasy. But if you walk into that room believing—really
believing— you’re selling the best product on earth, your audience will follow
suit. Be the authority you aspire to be. Give it a whirl, and be amazed by the results.

The most important confidence,
though, is the one you have in yourself. The dictionary defines confidence as
“the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.” Ask yourself: what
is my truth? What was the first answer that came to mind? That’s the one you
should follow. Those gut instincts are always the most pure. And confidence is
all about believing in our gut—the decisions we can’t always understand, but
the ones we know feel right. And once we make those decisions not being swayed
by other people’s insecurities. Have you ever made a decision you knew felt
right and then an hour later your mother completely disagreed and convinced you
otherwise? I’m sure it’s happened one too many time. And I’m not saying moms
don’t have good advice. I just want to make sure you know the difference
between doing something because it makes you happy and doing something because
you know it will make other people happy. Choose yourself first and you’ll see
how things work out for the best

And then there’s the “who
cares” policy. You’ll never be able to make everyone happy. So sometimes when
you make moves that you know feel right, yet people in your life disagree,
you’ll just have to throw up your hands and say, “who cares?” Because, really,
half of the time no one really cares which direction you pick. They just want
to see you pick a direction you’re sure about. When we start worrying about
what other people think, it’s just our insecurities taking over. So tell those
insecurities who’s boss.

Start by writing a morning
mantra that will build your confidence. Take any insecurity you may have and
turn it into a positive. For example: “I’m overweight and hate the way I look
in the morning.” Change that to “Today, I’ll eat better than I did yesterday,
and soon enough I’ll fit into those skinny jeans.” Make sure to repeat it every
morning you wake up.

What’s your morning mantra?
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~Love Loren