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The One Person You Need to Forgive

You're a strong person. I can tell. You've been through a lot and gone through it all. You've come out the other side stronger and better than before. Now, you're at a point of reflection. You're thinking on the past and it's painful. This means it's time to forgive.

Here's the thing, forgiveness is tough. Don't get me wrong. It's the best form of love but it's hard to forgive others. It takes some serious strength—especially if you've been through a lot.

There's one special person you need to forgive first, and that's you! I'm a big believer in that you bring everything into your life. If life's been hard on you it's because you have a belief that life is difficult and you don't deserve an easy life. That's okay. It could be because you had a difficult childhood and don't know anything else. It's tiem to recognize it.

Here's my suggestion, take the time to speak to your current and former selves. Go through every part of your life, look yourself in the mirror and take the time to forgive yourself. You brought in a lot of bad stuff into your life and it's time to take a moment and let it go. You didn't know any better and that's okay. Use that strength to forgive.

Now that you know this, I hope you can move on from the tough stuff and let yourself.