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The Japanese Method to Relaxing in Five Minutes

The Japanese Method to Relaxing in Five Minutes, japanese method, relaxing, national stress awareness day, stress stress awareness

Since it's National Stress Awareness Day, I want to give you some methods to help you relax. There are so many tips and tricks out there that help to relieve stress and worry from your day but one of my favorite ways takes just five minutes. Today, I invite you to try this ancient Japanese method to help with relaxation when you're in the middle of a stressful moment. All it takes is a little memorization and some mindfulness.

The Japanese Method to Relaxing in Five Minutes

Start off by recognizing that each finger represents a different feeling. Read on for more.

Thumb- The thumb helps combat emotions like worry and anxiety.

Index- The index finger helps with fear.

Middle- Your middle finger helps you to control anger or resentment.

Ring- The ring finger helps you to be more decisive while helping you fend off depression and sadness.

Pinky- Your pinky finger helps with confidence and feeling optimistic.

Here's what to do with each finger. Grasp the finger with the opposite hand, wrapping all the fingers and thumb around it. Hold each finger for one to two minutes. You will know it’s working when a pulsating sensation is felt.

When you practice this technique on a daily basis you re-establish harmony and calm in the body. Stress relief is all about balance!