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The Bar Method

Have any of you seen Kelly Osbourne’s new body?! She looks
pretty awesome. She’s been quoted in the media as crediting her weight loss to
a new workout called The Bar Method. The technique is a combination of yoga,
Pilates, ballet bar, and strength training—which means longer, leaner muscles
topped off with a nice booty. The one-hour class starts with a warm-up then
moves into weight exercises, push-ups, seat work at the bar, and ends with ab
training. The point is to fatigue the muscles then stretch creating that
ballerina physique.

With studio locations in states like California and Illinois
it was only a matter of time one would open in Miami. This month, South Miami
welcomes the official The Bar Method.

Below is a video shot in the new space in Miami. If there isn’t a
studio near you, check out the DVDs online.