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The 4 Most Inspirational Women of 2018

inspirational women

2018 has been a breakthrough year for female empowerment. I've met some of the most inspirational women this year who are slaying the business and social media worlds on a whole new level.

The 4 Most Inspirational Women of 2018

inspirational women

#1. Jlo.

Jennifer is the hardest hustler I know - she never slows down or stops for a second. I've never seen anyone juggle so many projects at once with such elegance - and Jennifer manages to do it all while somehow looking more and more beautiful every day. Such an inspiration to us all!

#2. Amber Ridinger.

Amber's LDV Resort blew everyone away this month. I'm in awe of the creative genius Amber pulled out of the bag for this incredible event. All while juggling three young children. You are my inspiration every day!

#3. Alicia Keys.

Alicia's beautiful soul and passion for life is such an inspiration. You bring light and good energy to everyone you meet! You're also one of the most inspirational musicians the world has ever known. We are blessed to have you in our lives!

#4. Meghan Markle.

Meghan made history when she married into the British Royal family. Her style is timelessly chic, and she always looks flawless - such an inspiration and a real gamechanger.

Who are your most inspirational women of 2018? Tweet me @lorenridinger.