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Skin Stress: What’s Your Skin Saying?

December 6th, 2017

Our stomach, brain, and skin are all connected. Imbalances in the gut can affect our emotions and mood, which can manifest in the form of redness and breakouts. When we have an imbalance in our mental health, it will affect our gut and our skin. The most common culprit? Stress. Skin stress is never a good look.

Skin Stress: What’s Your Skin Saying?


Try adding probiotics to your diet for immediate effects. Yoga and meditation classes are a great way to purge the mind, body, and soul of stress.

Stress stimulates androgen production which can result in excess oil and acne breakouts. The stress hormone (cortisol) elevates blood sugar which causes premature aging.

Be mindful that it’s OK to say no to people and social events this holiday season – our health should always come first. Late nights, unhealthy food craved by excess alcohol consumption and lack of sleep all contribute to more stress and certainly don’t do our skin or gut health any favors.

Double cleanse during stressful times to help remove excess oil, dirt and debris.

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