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Stopping Burnout Before it Starts

April 5th, 2013

Since it’s Friday, I thought a blog post on burnout would be beneficial for all of us!

It happens to the best of us. Your intentions are great. You’re working super hard to meet a deadline, your kid’s schedules are even busier than your own and you’re keeping it all together at home – making dinners, getting everyone up for school. The list goes on and on. While it may seem admirable to keep burning the candle at both ends, finally… you hit a wall. You are burnt out. In the long run, being burnt out doesn’t do anything good for anyone and it’s time to make a change, now. Here are my tips for taking yourself from charred to chill over the weekend.


Stopping Burnout Before it Starts

  • Stay hydrated. Hydration is necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind – and when you’re on the verge of burnout, being dehydrated doesn’t help. Keep a water bottle at your desk and in your car.
  • Bring on the healthy foods. Sometimes with burnout comes weight gain. Rather than eating one huge meal when you’re finally starving at the end of the day, keep yourself satisfied by grazing on nutritious fruits and veggies all day long.
  • Take 5 minutes each day to find peace. Whether you simply close your eyes, pray, mediate – whatever works for you – just 5 minutes is all you need.
  • Catch some zzzz’s. Getting enough sleep is key to making it through a busy day and aking yourself go to bed in time for a full 8 hours is essential.
  • Schedule some “me” time, a little pampering sesh or lunch with friends can change your outlook and leave you feeling refreshed.

Have you ever felt completely burnt out? How did you get it under control?


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