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STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

With the advent of social media, it can feel like everyone is living the ultimate dream life without you. Everyone has sixpack abs while traveling in Greece with their perfect partners. When you're at home or working, it can feel like your life doesn't add up so you compare yourself to other people and you get jealous. Ouch, not pretty. You know what they say, "comparison is the thief of joy" and it's so true. Here's what you can do to stop comparing yourself to others and instead enjoy your life and live in abundance.

STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

Monitor Your Thoughts- Monitoring your thoughts before they become an emotion takes work. That's why meditation is so important—especially to me. I meditate as a practice to become more aware of my thoughts so that I can change my thinking before I can get negative on myself.

Send Love- When going through Instagram and finding yourself comparing your life to someone else's, I want you to do something that might be difficult at first. I want you to be happy for them. When you see an influencer on vacation, congratulate her! Say "good for her! She deserves that trip. She works so hard." When you see another couple getting engaged, mentally send them love. The universe responds so abundance rather than lack so send an abundance of gratitude and love to those around you.

The Trick- To practice keeping your vibes high and sending love even when you don't want to, here's a trick. Send love to people randomly throughout your day. When you're in your car and you see someone on the street, send some positive vibes to that person. You don't have to say anything, just let the love flow out of you.

I hope you know how wonderful and magnificent you are! See the beauty in you.