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Spring Love: 3 Ways to Stay In Tune

March 20th, 2017

Each year when spring rolls around I can’t help but get excited about being with my honey, even after all these years. JR and I have been together a long time and our bond is pretty rock solid. But like any other couple who has spent many years together, we have to remember to find new and special ways to stay in tune.

From making date nights a priority, to merely being better about focusing on one another, sometimes you have to stop everything and make your relationship number one. Spring is a great time to make that happen…flowers are blooming, buds are on the trees and love is in the air. So, let’s to this together. Let’s make spring love our priority and bring the focus back to what means most: our relationships with these three ways to stay in tune.

Spring Love: 3 Ways to Stay in Tune

Take daily walks. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the thing – it is. Sometimes simplicity is just what a relationship needs – time away from all the noise of the web, smartphones, social media and television – and, a walk is a great way to have that time. Just head out the door and walk together – enjoy the spring weather, take in the sights and spend that time checking in.

Get away from it all. One of our favorite ways to get away from everything, everyone and all of life’s distractions is to take off on our boat for a few days. It’s there that we can be completely alone, spending time just hanging out, chatting and enjoying the peacefulness of the ocean. Even if you don’t have a boat that’s perfect for a quick escape, you can find ways and places that are quiet and special. How about a quick camping trip to your favorite park or a weekend road trip to somewhere quaint? You can make it happen, it’s a matter of finding the time and making that little getaway a priority. If you can, leave your smartphones behind (or at least turn them off for the day) and put all of your focus on relaxing with one another.

Loren + JR Ridinger

Sharing a laugh together while getting away on a spring date.

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Stay in touch, even if you’re far apart. We both travel quite a bit and certainly not always together. I know that’s incredibly common in so many relationships. It can get really tough when you’re on different time zones and are busy working or traveling with coworkers. The important part is making it a priority to stay in touch even when you’re both busy. The way we make that happen is to not go a single day without checking in on the phone. Even during the busiest of times – it’s our priority. Sometimes we’ll even have long, long phone conversations if we’re really missing one another. It helps just to hear your loves voice on the other end of the line, don’t you agree? Don’t let oceans, time zones and distance come between you – it doesn’t have to – but you do have to make an effort when it comes to making that distance not feel so vast.

Staying in tune really means a lot – no matter what stage your relationship is at, when you’re on the same page, things always feel better and more solid. Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to keep the love alive, but when you do – you won’t regret it one bit. How do you keep the spark glowing even when the rest of life always seems to be in the way?

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