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Single Girls, Are Apps Really the Way to Go?

Single Girls, Are Apps Really the Way to Go?, apps, dating, dating apps, way to go,

I think dating apps are great! Singles are meeting more people way outside of the norm. If you're single, that means you're meeting different kinds of people you'd normally never come across! I'm all about the dating apps, but there are also other ways to meet fellow single folks. It's not just about swipe right and swipe left. Read on for different ways of meeting people that'll make you question whether apps are really the way to go.

Single Girls, Are Apps Really the Way to Go?

Ask Around- Back in the day, people would put out ads in newspapers to meet people. I'm not joking. I'm not saying you put out an ad—a billboard works just fine. Just kidding! My suggestion? Ask around. If dating apps really aren't working for you then ask your friends, family members, acquaintances, anyone. Be specific on what you want. It never hurts to ask!

Speed Dating- Find a speed dating event near you! It may not be the perfect way to meet you significant other and you might feel foolish, but try to put your best foot forward. It could be a fun experience! It's an alternative. And you thought meeting people in the wild was a thing of the past!

Co-Ed Sports- If you're looking to meet someone outside of the online dating pool then you're going to have to get out of your comfort zone. If you're a fan of sports then an adult sports league is where it's at. Practices after work? Perfect! You never know whom you might meet.