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Sensitivity: Be Less Reactive

Sensitivity: Be Less Reactive, sensitive, sensitive woman, being sensitive, reactive, react less

Are you a sensitive person? So many of us out there emote in a way that can't be controlled. If people often tell you that you're overly sensitive, don't be offended. I think being sensitive is a good thing. It probably brings you some heartache and stress from time to time, but it makes you empathetic and kind. You feel deeply making you a deep person full of love. The problems arise when you become combative or reactive due to your sensitivity. When you let certain things that people say to you get to you. For example, let's say a friend makes a negative comment about your shoes. It was just a passing thing, but that little comment manages to bug you for the whole time that you're wearing your shoes ruining your day or night. You can't let everything that everyone says bug you. There are ways to deal with your sensitivity so you can enjoy life rather than stress over every little thing. Read on for more!

Sensitivity: Be Less Reactive

Identify Your Triggers- You already know that you're a sensitive person. You feel deeply and that's okay. Once you've recognized why you are the way that you are, focus on what triggers you. For some, it can be family that's triggering. When you're in a situation that's triggering, take a moment to unpack that feeling and understand why you're reacting this way. Does it have to do with something that happened in childhood or a feeling that you're not enough? Work through the emotion.

Will it Matter in 5 Years?- When feeling sensitive, do the five-year count. Ask yourself, does this really matter? Will it matter in five years? In one hour? In one second? If the answer is no, move on. Your negative feeling doesn't deserve your attention.

Practice Silence- Don't give energy to everything that comes your way. When something happens that bothers you, use silence as a tool. You don't need to react. Instead, let it go.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone- Sometimes, our reactions are due to fear. We're afraid of what people will say to us. Get scared and face it anyway. Put yourself in a position where you might get criticized or judged and own it. That way you become desensitized to certain triggers.