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Science Shows Your Best Friends Keep You Healthy

Science Shows Your Best Friends Keep You Healthy, loren, besties, best friend, health, healthy

My best girlfriends make my life special. I feel blessed for each and every one of them. They remind me to keep my head up and work hard. I keep a small circle of positive girls around me, and that's all I need in life. As long as we support each other, that's all that matters. Research actually suggests that having best friends keeps you healthy. Amazing! We're social creatures, so we need friends in our lives, but this is interesting. Read on for more.

Science Shows Your Best Friends Keep You Healthy

Healthy Choices- Friends help you stick to healthier choices. Studies show that when friends try out group exercise they hold each other accountable. Having health-focused friends makes it easier for us to try out a healthier diet or wellness routine. Our friends influence us!

Support- Friends support friends! When you have quality friendships, you feel supported through bad times and good. When you're going through a breakup, you're best girlfriend is the one you call. When you decide to start a business, you call your people. Sharing with loved ones helps to prevent depression.

Lower Stress- Have you ever laughed so hard with a bestie that your stomach hurt? When you talk to a close friend about a problem, you feel better. When we make meaningful relationships, our stress is lowered because our friends help us shift from stress and focus on the good.