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Saturday Mood: 6 Money-Free Things to do Today

Saturday mood

After a hectic event-packed holiday season, many people are taking some time out this month to give their body (and bank account) a much-needed break. If you're participating in Dry January this month, or are merely looking for some money-free things to do today, here are a few activities to suit any Saturday mood.

Saturday Mood: Money-Free Things to do Today

Saturday mood

Have you noticed how abstaining from alcohol and late nights in general increases your productivity ten-fold? If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, Saturday is the perfect day to steal a few hours to catch up on paperwork or research relevant articles on how to increase your brand awareness. Here are a few money-free ways to spend your Saturday.

Get inspired.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to inspire your mind and reignite the passion in your belly to succeed. The best part? You can listen to them anywhere. Inspirational podcasts are great company for long drives, or while you cook, clean or relax in your favorite chair or garden.

Go back to basics.

Board games are a great way to get in your quality time with family and friends.

Get ahead for the week.

Whenever I have a particularly busy week approaching, I love using the weekend to get ahead. You'll find your stress levels dip dramatically.

Visit the zoo.

I love taking the grandkids to the zoo. It's such a fantastic way to get outdoors, and they love seeing all of the exotic animals. Don't have kids? It's just as fun to go on a day date with your partner, or why not offer to take a friend's children for the day to give them a break?

Build-your-own basic net-worth calculator.

If money motivates you, follow these steps to build your net-worth calculator to ensure you're consistently making financial progress.

Curl up with a book.

Whether your reading preference is educational or more fiction, reading a great book is a fantastic way to unplug and de-stress.