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Royal Wedding Details Leaked

The media frenzy over every emerging detail of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton continues, with more news coming today about the music that will be played and the flowers that will be used to adorn Westminster Abbey for the couple's big day.

It was previously released that the London Chamber Orchestra will be present for the ceremony, although it is as-yet unknown what pieces the couple has chosen to be performed. Elton John will be there too, although apparently not to sing. And on Tuesday it was leaked that America's most high-profile musical couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, are expected to give a performance, although not at the ceremony itself. Instead, they are supposedly going to appear at the couple's second, less formal, wedding reception that evening.

The flowers for the ceremony itself are reportedly more traditional but no less involved, with trees up to 20 feet tall adorning both sides of the aisle and a plethora of native-British flowers throughout the abbey. Reportedly the various meanings and symbolism of the individual flowers to be used was of paramount importance when making the final decisions. Although the royal florist has been very forthcoming as to exactly what kinds of flowers and greenery guests and television viewers can expect to see, details of the princess-to-be's bridal bouquet have still remained secret so far.

As the countdown to the wedding keeps speeding forward, commentary about the couple's previous relationship ups and downs and their chances for a successful marriage still continue as well. Speculationhas run rampant as to whether or not the couple drafted a prenuptial agreement before moving forward with the wedding, especially now that the British Supreme Court has determined that such documents are legally binding.

If true, this would be another modern-day approach for the couple, as the groom's parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, did not have such an arrangement. Charles and Diana had a famously messy divorce in 1996, with Diana eventually getting both a generous settlement and the right to keep her title as the Princess of Wales.

(source Yahoo News! )