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Romantic New Ways to Say “I Love You” This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! It’s Valentine’s week! Show your special someone how much you care with a few new ways to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day. Read on to discover more!

Romantic New Ways to Say “I Love You” This Valentine’s Day

1. Leave love notes. Break out your trusty sticky notes and let your heart lead the way. Write cute notes for your beloved to find on Valentine’s, or during the week, in easy-to-find places, and some hidden ones too. Tuck a love note in their lunch, in their suitcase if they’re traveling for business, in their sock drawer, wherever you want. Be creative in your hiding spots – have fun with it!

2. Do something sweet without asking. Does your partner have a house chore they particularly dislike or are they running low on gas? Clean the toilet for them, or take their car to fill up their tank. You can show your love in thoughtful ways like this.

3. Make dinner together. Food is a great way to celebrate love, so why not create a meal together! Take a cooking class, or buy the ingredients for your favorite dishes and cook at home. Cooking is extremely intimate when shared with a loved one.

4. Stargaze together. Spending time under the stars is so romantic. Grab a blanket and cuddle up together in your backyard or local park and get lost in the stars and each other.

5. Commit to breaking a bad habit. We all have that one (or a few) bad habit that drives our significant other crazy. Commit to breaking a bad habit this year for Valentine’s Day as a way to say “I love you.” It won’t be easy, but your partner will appreciate you putting your dirty clothes in the hamper instead of dropping them on the floor.

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