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Response to Ask Loren (Sarah E.)

Hi Sarah!

Thank you so much for following the blog and for sending a note.  Well first off, congrats on building up the courage to make a change for the better and leaving your toxic relationship.  A lot of people aren’t always as brave.

So now that you made that huge life choice, you must know that life is always in your control.  It’s just about making decisions that will lead you to your goal. It sounds like what you are searching for is happiness.  And I know you feel far from it, but Sarah, look at all you have accomplished.  You are so much closer to your goal of happiness.

Now, the question is: how do we acquire happiness?  Being happy means feeling satisfied with oneself.  This is great news, because you control yourself. So getting to a place where you feel content is in your power.  Ask yourself: “Am I happy with myself?” Listen for the answer.  What would make you happier? Maybe it’s love.  How can you love yourself better?  Do not rely on anyone else to fill that gap.  You must love yourself first.  Or maybe you’ll be happier when you make more money?  How can you reach this goal? Is it educating yourself a bit more? Is it reaching out the right people in your city who can help you?  Really do some soul searching and ask yourself the hard questions and then find a solution.

Sarah, remember why you moved to a new country.  You moved to reinvent yourself.  I know it can get lonely sometime with out family and friends, but take this opportunity to build a new relationship: a relationship with yourself.  I promise you that relationship is the most important one you’ll ever have.  Once you see how amazing you are others will just want to be around you, and you’ll attract all the things you want. It’s just the way the universe works!

So when you wake up in the morning and those negative thoughts come knocking on your mind’s door, answer them by saying, “Hello. Thank you for bringing these fears to my attention.  I choose to not be scared, but instead to find a solution.”  Do not feel victim to your circumstances.  You didn’t feel victim when you left your dead-end relationship, right?  You moved forward instead.  So do the same here.  When you hear those negative thoughts use them as an opportunity for greatness.

You’re on your way to an amazing new chapter in life.  Enjoy the ride and keep me posted!