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Relationships: Why You Haven't Met The Family Yet

met the family

New relationships can be challenging to navigate. Until you know someone inside-out, it can be complex to understand their intentions. If you've been dating for months, exchanged the 'L' word, but are still yet to meet the family, there may be a reason why you haven't met the family yet. Here are some of the more typical reasons why a person stalls on letting a 'new' partner fully into their lives.

1. He/she has made mistakes with previous partners and wants to be entirely sure before they introduce a partner to their family again. Your partner's past relationship experiences have no reflection on you; they're just guarding themselves more now.

2. He/she is unsure of their true feelings for you, or vice versa.

3. You've shared a somewhat unstable relationship, and they're not sure if you have a future together, so they're playing it safe.

4. He/she doesn't think you're the one. The truth hurts. Sometimes one half of a partnership is more invested than the other.

5. It could be as simple as your partner doesn't get along with their parents, and doesn't want to scare you away by introducing you to what they feel is a dysfunctional family.

6. If you don't fit their ideal standards of a partner, they may be trying to 'change' you before introducing you to their family. The right person will love you as you are, not for who they want you to be.

7. Maybe they're just a commitment-phobe. Or perhaps they're not ready to commit to you one hundred percent yet.

8. You possess behaviors that may embarrass them in front of their family. It could be entirely innocent; perhaps their parents are incredibly religious, whereas you are not.

9. You lack healthy communication between you, which leads to both of you doubting one another. Communication is key.

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