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Relationship Anxiety: How to Overcome It NOW

Relationship Anxiety: How to Overcome It NOW, relationship anxiety, love, 2019, relationship anxiety

Relationship Anxiety isn't easy. it affects everyone in the relationship and turns love into stress, worry, and fear. I get it, insecurity can come when you least expect it, but here's the thing, it all starts with you. You have those fears and worries about your relationship because of you. Your partner thinks you're great. You're the one who doesn't think you're enough. To get over this hurdle, you're going to need patience and a lot of self-love. Take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

Boundaries- Sometimes, you need a little time for yourself when you're in a relationship, which is why setting up boundaries is so important. Head to a space that's all your own and do some deep diving. Figure out your feelings and why you're feeling them. Identifying your feelings and understanding them away from your partner is crucial.

Practice Self-Love- I'm not talking about bath bombs or masks. I'm saying do some serious digging and positive thinking. Write down a list of all the ways you're amazing and wonderful. Why do you love yourself? Why do you love your partner?

Retrain Your Brain- Cut out the negative self-talk. Instead, focus on positive affirmations. Right now, you're not feeling like you're enough but that's just not true. You're worthy of all the love in your life—especially the love that your parter gives to you. Be easy on yourself. Let go of the fear and worry. You got this! I know you do.