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Reasons You Should Drink More Water

Ah, yes, water. We all know we need to drink it. Celebrities are always going on and on about it’s zit fighting and fountain of youth- like properties. The truth is, water is super important and you need to keep yourself hydrated on the regular. It’s easy to leave our water bottles at home or forget to take some sips throughout the day, but water really does have incredible properties to help your health and keep your body regulated. Check out my reasons for drinking more water. Stay hydrated and leave a comment below once your done reading! Do you always remember to drink water? How hydrated do you stay throughout your day?


Body Balance- Your body is mostly made of water, which is why you need to replenish it on the regular. It keeps your digestive system in check, regulates your body temperature, and maintains your body fluids. So drink up, ladies!

Weight Loss- Quick diet tricks don’t do much but drinking water does! I could help with weight loss and detox your body from all that sugar and salt. Water helps you to feel more full, making you want to eat less.

Workout Fuel- Need to get through those last few squats or that last mile? Well then stop by the water fountain because when your muscles don’t have enough water in them, they start to feel tired. Water can act as a muscle energy boost.

Clearer Skin- Talk about washing away imperfections. Water helps fight acne, well, kind of. Water washes out those toxins that clog up pores and make your skin inflamed with zits. It also helps reduce wrinkles.

Headaches And Hangovers- Not only does water help reduce muscle tension and headaches on a regular basis but it assists in curing hangovers. Hydrate after a long night of drinking! It can help save you the day after.