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Reasons To Embrace #NoMakeupMonday

Ladies, it’s no secret that I’m a makeup girl. I’m not the type to think of wearing makeup as a mask. To me, it’s something that adds to my big personality. I love it because it makes me feel more like me. Yet, by the same token, I understand that it’s important to also embrace your makeup-less face. This is why I am a big advocate for #NoMakeupMonday, which is a social media trend that many women are embracing right now. Too afraid to let go of your makeup for one day out of the week? Well, here’s why you shouldn’t be.


Sometimes Your Skin Need A Break- Not all makeup ingredients are “all-natural.” A lot of the time, they have questionable chemicals that we, as consumers, forget about. Products that contain SPF sometimes congest the skin and block oxygen from going into your pores. On top of that, overuse of face makeup can lead to acne and skin dehydration. No one wants that. Your eyes will thank you as well, because your lashes need some time to grow naturally without the help of mascara.

Embrace Natural Your Beauty- You have a gorgeous face with and without makeup. It’s time to embrace your natural beauty. All that It takes is one day sans makeup. It’s not that difficult and it can feel totally empowering. Go for it!

Let Your Creative Juices Flow- As a makeup girl, sometimes spending a day without makeup on is great. I use up all my best makeup ideas through out the week so I need a day off to recharge and let my creative juices flow. I check out new beauty gurus and I see how I can take on their makeup looks without having to force myself to try anything. Once Tuesday comes around, I have great makeup ideas and new techniques to try out on my own face.